Chest of drawers

Chest of drawers

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Here at French UK Vintage HQ we are very lucky to be the custodians of this very rare pice of furniture. 

A 5 drawer chest or drawers created from Coromandel. The main body of this piece is Coromandel whilst the drawers themsselves are a more modern wood, to enable the ease of using the piece without damaging the beauty of this precious wood.

A striking piece of furniture and a fabulous investment.

I brief history is explained below:

Calamander or coromandel is a valuable hardwood obtained from the species, native to India and Sri Lanka. It is also known as or variegated ebony and is closely related to genuine ebony, but is obtained from different species in the same genus. It is variegated with stripes of deep black and hazel-brown, and is very heavy and hard relative to most other woods. The name "calamander" comes from coromandel, referring to the cocomandel Coast in India from where it was first exported. It is used in carpentry and sculpture. Although objects made of calamander are still extant, the trees from which the wood was obtained were logged to near-extinction, and those remaining remain a protected vulnerable species. Calamander furniture is so expensive and prized that recycling it is an unlikely proposition.