Carla Bonnefoi oil on canvas

Carla Bonnefoi oil on canvas

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W: 44cm (17.3")H: 56cm (22")D: 4cm (1.6")

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Born and raised in Rome, Carla Bonnefoi, née Del Francia, spent her childhood in a villa near the capital that had a beautiful lush garden.

Beaux Arts

She enrolled in a Fine Arts class at l’Académie Marc Torrijos, a private school in Lyon. In her three years
at the academy, she developed her personality as an artist, perfecting her drawing and painting skills. All
of the artistic techniques were available to her during this time...

Between fine arts and advertising, she will go on to devote her life to art and art history, including visits to major Parisian museums.

She started her career by exhibiting paintings at various venues in Lyon, under the guidance of her Fine
Arts teacher.

Carla Bonnefoi's painting style remained quite academic during these first few years. Her early style was
mainly inspired by Flemish painting, with a brush, in oil, with fine attention to detail, using mediums and impastos in the manner of the great old painters such as Leonardo da Vinci, etc.

Galerie Hermès

She then obtained a degree as an art expert, which was indispensable as she opened her contemporary art gallery, The Galerie Hermès. After the Galerie Hermès's inauguration, she will go on to run it for 17 years, organizing monthly vernissages with renowned international artists. .

Technics artistic

In 2008, Carla Bonnefoi left Lyon, and now resides in Sainte-Maxime. She spends all her time in her
painting studio. Her style has now become more contemporary, using her palette knife or brush; her
movement is filled with energy and passion; her palette consisting mostly of grays, browns, and at times
filled with beautiful color.

Her inspiration comes from sail boats, regattas, characters, faces, animals. In
the presence of her art, one cannot help but to be moved. Her artistry is filled with poetry revealing a
pure and sentimental artistic soul.

Carla Bonnefoi, exhibits regularly in the Var, in Cannes. She paints and restores old and contemporary
paintings. She teaches painting lessons as it gives her great pleasure to share her knowledge with
She has also established "École Carla Bonnefoi", which has proven to be a tremendous success for her group of painters, where they can exchange new ideas and techniques in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Their goal is to keep abreast of the latest techniques in the art world to remain current and relevant as artists in this 21st century.